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IDEA: Using aging packet infrastructure for fun kid outdoor strategy games

I just got a Nexus One, and my iPhone that was such a hot item only a couple of years was duly given to my 7-year-old to play games on.  It’s no longer a mobile phone with 3G capabilities, but still has Wi-Fi and still is a powerful computer with some really great capabilities like accelerometers, GPS, compass, Bluetooth, etc.

We also have an aging packet network infrastructure (you know, the system that used to be used by pagers?) that is low bandwidth but great coverage, and not being used by anyone (read: it’s cheap).

If you put the two together, you can imagine some really fun games kids could play outdoors.  Think geocaching and capture the flag, or laser tag and hide-and-seek.  A simple app and a small Bluetooth-capable pager and you’ve got yourself a fun time!

And imagine: giving your kid your used iPhone means that he or she will spend more time outside!

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