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Top Five Things to Keep Your Kids Busy on Long Trips

OK, so we have a couple of long trips coming up (driving to Yosemite and flying to Florida) and the number of things we’re bringing to “keep the kids occupied while we travel” is bordering on excessive and somewhat silly. So what do you do when you have a bunch of things that you like a lot after trying lots of other things out? A Top Five list, of course! Without further ado, the top five things to keep your kids busy on long trips:

5. Pillow (requires early morning or late night departure)
Alright, a bit of a cheat, this one!  But this can lead to many hours of kids busy dreaming and snoring, and is a sure-fire way of making sure they’re not in the back trying to rip each others’ heads off.

4. Kids magazines
My boys love their reading material, and nothing is more tantalizing than the latest Sports Illustrated Kids or National Geographic Kids. Too bad magazines are going the way of the dinosaur, which they could read about in Paleontology Monthly Kids…

3. Different snack than usual
It’s amazing how much a small change can matter. My kids love Goldfish crackers. I mean really, what kid doesn’t? But after a while they get old. Now pack the kids into the car, and bust out the Goldfish Grahams (fish-shaped graham crackers) and pow! Suddenly, it’s the most novel thing in the world. Serisously, it’s like shooting Goldfish in a barrel…

2. New book series
I have a nine-year-old who can’t get enough to read. But he’s gone through all the Wimpy Kid series, the Captain Underpants series, etc. But get a few copies of anything by Rick Riordan or even go retro with Goosebumps, and suddenly you have a kid who begs for the drive to last longer just so he can finish this one chapter! (Note: this doesn’t work so well with your three-year-olds.)

1. Nintendo DS / iPad / iPod Touch / iPhone / Android
How did kids survive any kind of drive, long or short, without a Nintendo DS to bury their nose into? Well, I did, and you did, but kids are soft these days. I’m sure there’s an app to improve that…

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