The Near Futurist

Stupid Site Idea #47:

First there was drunk dialing. Maybe you’ve done this before. You’re out with some friends on a Saturday night, and you’ve had one too many Long Island Iced Teas, when you get the brilliant idea that you should call up your ex-girlfriend who broke your heart last year, and (1) accuse her of being the worst human being in the world, and (2) beg her to take you back. Oh come now, hands up if this sounds very familiar.
Then came drunk emailing, the 2am email that says everything you wanted to say to your boss, but alas the sober you lacked the chutzpah to say it to him.
And finally, drunk texting. This I’ve never done before, honestly, because when I’m wasted, fine motor skills are usually the first to go. There will be no tippity-typety with my thumbs on a small, virtual keyboard when I’m blowing a 0.8 and above.
Certainly today, this long-honored tradition must live on Twitter. A quick search for “drunk right now” revealed some choice selections, including this gem:
Classic! Misspellings, statement of inebriation, unnecessary all-caps. All the things you want in a drunk tweet.
So here’s my idea: there should be a site where people can submit examples of drunk tweets. People can vote on them, rate them, review them, claim them, and potentially even respond via a tweet-of-shame.
My normal rules of giving away site ideas holds: if you develop this site based on the idea I’ve given you here, I fully expect an Easter egg somewhere on the site making fun of me for being too lazy to implement the idea myself.